My name is Miroslav Bojic. Armed with a Bachelors in Computer Science, I followed up with a Masters in Media Knowledge Engineering because I wanted to focus more on the human side of the computing, and then I continued my studies pursuing a Professional Doctorate Degree in User System Interaction to expand my UX knowledge and experience in a real industrial setting.

Currently I am a software engineer and interaction designer at Sencha. I’m part of the team working on design and development of Sencha Architect, a visual tool that helps building apps with Sencha Touch and ExtJS frameworks.

With this portfolio, my aim is to show how I solve problems and how I came up with ways to communicate the solutions. Through these projects I have gained experience in all aspects of UX: from user research to concept design and from prototyping to various evaluation and analysis techniques.

The portfolio is a continuous work in progress and for many of the projects I cannot post a lot of information, so if you have any additional questions please send me a line! Also, feel free to download my CV where you can find more details on my education, publications, experience and interests.

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