Concept Design: SIMPLE

Development of a prototype for demonstration of possible domestic application of wireless-sensor network systems.

Challenges:  TV-based interfaces, interaction through remote control, database management
Tools:  Illustrator, Photoshop, ceHTML, PHP, Javascript, MySQL
Deliverables:  written contribution (technical specifications) to various milestone technical documents within the project, use cases for the demo, UML diagrams, database design and implementation, concept interface design and implementation

My involvement in the project was to consider how a network of sensors and RFID tags can be applied for monitoring of quality and quantity of food products stored at home. For this I delivered various technical documents and a prototype including a database and a working TV-based interface that allowed the user to inspect his home-inventory, create shopping-lists, manage recipes, and receive information about the products which are close to expiration date.

The “semantic web” and “internet of things” are seen as a direction towards which the future of interfaces are moving. However, currently, there are dozens of different technologies (such as different sensors and RFID technologies) and communication protocols (such as WiFi, ZigBee, Wireless Sensor Networks – WSN’s, etc.) that can be used for these “smart things” to communicate between each other. The SIMPLE project aimed to create a middleware that would allow both developers and end users to comfortably integrate and use all these technologies and communication methods interchangeably. The big focus was to provide a cross-platform, self-organizing solution with a simple API that could be used both from front- and back-end of applications.

I joined the SIMPLE project representing Philips about 6 months after it started. At that point, most scenarios and requirements were already specified, so my task consisted on further identifying and specifying use-cases and working on development of a demo interface.

[prototype screenshot coming soon]


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