Information Visualization: Movie explorer

Visualizing complex relations between movies and creation of a easy and comprehensible concept interface for navigation.

Challenges:  creating comprehensive visualization, designing interaction with browsing history in mind
Tools:  Flash, Illustrator
Deliverables:  report, wizard-of-Oz prototype

A common problem: say, you have just seen a movie and you loved it. So, you start wondering, what other movies might be good. Maybe the ones with the same actors? Or by the same director? Or maybe the movies which were filmed around the same time?

We made a concept of how these relations could be visualized A solution that we explored was to display movies in a browseable cloud; connecting movies with each other. The important part of the concept that had to be considered was browsing history. While exploring, the user might go very far from his starting point, and it would be interesting to go back and see how he/she got there. The history was visualized by stack of pages appearing behind the current cloud, which expanded upon mouse-over. It was also possible to combine relations such as dragging a year on top of a genre, to find all related movies with both the same year and genre.

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