Concept Design: Persuasive Technology

Unobtrusive persuasive interface with the goal of reduction of household energy consumption.

Challenges:  quick prototyping, presenting ideas in a clear way
Tools:  a camera and a right location, Photoshop, Illustrator
Deliverables:  storyboard, scenario

How would you make someone aware of his energy consumption while at the same time remaining unobtrusive? One way that we explored in this concept design is through use of ambient lighting that gives subtle feedback at the moments when user is about to turn on the switch. Pinpointing this moment is crucial in our interface design. Persuasion is strongest if it is affecting intention of the user after he makes a decision to do something, but before he actually performs the action. Or, in other words, saying “that’s a good/bad idea” when the user wants to do something, instead of giving (annoying) suggestion when he is doing something else, or (equally annoying) formative evaluation after he performs an action.

The interface that we designed works by making the switch glow red as the user’s hand comes closer while the current energy consumption is high. This warns user that it’s not a good idea to turn on yet another thing on. If the current energy consumption is low, the switch glows green, indicating that it’s fine to turn it on.

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