Sencha Animator

Design and front-end development of Sencha Animator, a tool for creation of HTML5 animations.

Challenges:  creating and implementing interface for a complex design tool, working with multiple technologies and platforms, evaluation of the process, staying at the cutting edge of what’s possible
Tools:  Illustrator, Photoshop, github, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, ExtJS
Deliverables:  Sencha Animator application, documentation, internal designs and test versions, several presentations at events and conferences, demos (animations built with the application), blogposts and support for the users through forums and email

Sencha Animator is the first project I worked on after joining Sencha. Animator is a software that helps you create complex, interactive HTML5 animations in a very intuitive and visual way – something that would take large amount of time to code with CSS3 can be achieved with just a couple of drag and drops. Animator can also be used as a very efficient prototyping tool, as simple apps can easily and quickly be built with it. For the time I worked with Animator I sought to expand on these prototyping uses possibilities for the software.

My role in this project was mostly front-end engineering and visual and interaction design. I worked actively on two major release versions of the software that added many advanced features that I co-designed and implemented. Also I created various demo animations / apps with the Animator, both for promotional and educational purposes. Most of these are available online on Sencha’s website:

haunted mansion
animator presentations
engine presentation
four stroke engine
red riding hood

Animator is available at Sencha’s website.

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