#Creators Live


Challenges:  quick prototyping, working with different technologies, crowd interaction
Tools:  Illustrator, Photoshop, JavaScript, pen and paper
Deliverables:  various prototypes, mockups and designs, design specifications

After meeting the team behind the Creators Project installation #Creators Live and mocking a few designs up with them, they asked me to work with them on the installation version that was displayed in Paris in 2012. The idea behind the installation is that any surface can be interactive, and it usually takes form of an interactive projection on a wall or multiple environmental objects.

Since #Creators Live is a continually evolving travelling installation, its every incarnation is different, and it is continuously being expanded, improved and adapted to the crowds and cultures that it might be visiting.

For Paris we worked on integrating the interactive wall with Twitter, so that the visitors could send and interact with the photos on the wall – in this way creating a visual log and mood board of the event where it is shown. These photos could also be zoomed, browsed through and tagged with different colours and emotions. The interface was exhibited during a concert, and we also spend a lot of time making the projection attractive and easy to grasp, as with thousands of visitors most only had a minute or two to play with it.

I worked on many iterations of designs and interaction prototypes – because of a very tight schedule the iterations were made very quickly and I had a very close communication with other designers and developers in the project to minimise downtime.

The project was very fun to do and even more fun to show off in the end. The exhibition was a success.

Some of the iterations of various small scale prototypes can be found here (NOTE: all of these prototypes will work only correctly in Chrome or Safari – creating a quick interactive impression was more important than browser compatibility):

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More information on #Creators Live can be found here

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