Sencha Architect

Design and front-end development of Sencha Architect, a tool for creation of apps with Sencha Touch and ExtJS frameworks... Details

Sencha Animator

Design and front-end development of Sencha Animator, a tool for creation of HTML5 animations. Challenges:  c... Details

#Creators Live

  Challenges:  quick prototyping, working with different technologies, crowd interaction Tools:Â... Details

Concept Design: Another Pen

A pen that provides sketching support by projecting commonly used shapes and lines onto the paper when drawing. The d... Details

Interaction Engineering: The Stick

  The goal was to develop a physical interface using phidgets and flash.  We decided to make a smart device t... Details

Web Design: USInet

An outdated website for our alumni organization needed a revamp. We worked together with designers and researchers and ... Details

Interactive Installation: MusiCa

The assignment was simple: create an interactive instrument.  Armed with a few arduinos, phidgets, cardboard tubes an... Details

HTML5, CSS3, browsers, phones and tablets

Here I will be adding various examples of HTML5 code for browsers and devices that support it. Check back often! ... Details

Concept Design: SIMPLE

Development of a prototype for demonstration of possible domestic application of wireless-sensor network systems. ... Details

Interface Design: ICE-WISH

Design of interfaces for increasing awareness of energy consumption among the social housing residents. Challenge... Details

UI Framework Design: HOMEdotOLD

Design of services for support of independently living older adults. Challenges:  creating personalization p... Details

Information Visualization

Design of application which allows for browsing between painters and their paintings by providing contextual information... Details

Video Prototyping: Peco

Utilize different fidelities of video prototype to communicate a concept design idea. Challenges:  experim... Details

Data mining: UN Docs

Automatic detection of topics in UN documents and agreements, creation of suitable categories and assignment of docume... Details

Information Visualization: Movie explorer

Visualizing complex relations between movies and creation of a easy and comprehensible concept interface for navigatio... Details

Web Design: Teen Web MD

Social interface design with the focus on a well-defined target group. Challenges:  difficult target group... Details

Tangible Interface Design: The Orb

Optimization of complex visualization of brain white matter and design, prototyping and evaluation of a suitable tangi... Details

Concept Design: Persuasive Technology

Unobtrusive persuasive interface with the goal of reduction of household energy consumption. Challenges:  ... Details

Speech Interface Design

Creating a speech interface for assistance of the user with the tasks where his hands are occupied. Furniture assembly... Details

Recognition of posed and spontaneous facial expressions

Human facial expressions are different when they are acted out and when they are spontaneous. Most people can see which ... Details

Multimodal interface for mobile applications for older adults

This project was the center point of my MSc thesis, and it was a part of ongoing research conducted at the Delft Univers... Details

Pedestrian navigation support for older adults based on landmark information

I was asked to join this project because of my earlier experience with older adults. There were already advanced concept... Details

Augmented reality navigation support

One of the side projects I worked on while developing the application for pedestrian navigation support was another appl... Details